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From conceptual structure design to remedial repairs to restore long-term structural integrity, CSG is committed to presenting its clients alternative solutions. We provide a wide range of engineering, restoration and construction management services for corporate development, management, professional, institutional and multi-family residential clients. Although our projects vary in size and complexity, we are committed to providing innovative and efficient solutions tailored to meet each client’s specific goals. We have selected a few examples of our work to demonstrate CSG’s experience base.

John Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

CSG performed drawing reviews and building envelope inspection for the expansion of this hospital in East Baltimore, Maryland. Our construction management services included waterproofing design review and quality control for structural integrity.

450+ Unit Condominium in Rockville, Maryland

CSG was brought in to assess damage to the roof and façade of this 30-year-old high-rise condominium building in Rockville, Maryland. After conducting surveys of the main roof, we determined that its large, flat roof could be rehabilitated, rather than replaced, to address various leakage issues and extend its useful life at a significant cost savings.

We also inspected the brick masonry façade, windows, and cantilevered concrete balconies, which had begun to deteriorate. We identified deficiencies, repaired and rehabilitated the damaged masonry, and replaced the sealants. The rehabilitation will restore the structural integrity for another 30 years.

Grosvenor Park - 450 Unit Condominium

College of Notre Dame

Small, Private College

CSG has been a partner with this college for over 25 years, periodically providing guidance on the preservation and replacement of roofs on buildings that were built in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. From flat-roofed modern buildings to the slate-covered mansard roofs of its original structures, each requires a different approach for maintaining a waterproof seal.

As the college has expanded, we have performed consulting and project-management services, design review, building-envelope inspection, and quality control during the construction of additions and new buildings.

Multi-Family High Rise Constructed in 2008

The developer of this new high-rise condo in Tysons Corner, Virginia, retained CSG after residents were seeing significant air-infiltration problems. Construction dust and air drafts were seeping through their windows and under the baseboards of the exterior walls.

We inserted borescopes through targeted openings across the brick and precast-concrete façade to assess the condition; deficiencies in the air barrier installation were observed at typical details throughout the entire structure. CSG provided consulting services to correct the deficiencies in a targeted fashion, a project that took a year to complete.

One Park Crest -Multi-Family High Rise Constructed in 2008

George Mason University

As George Mason has expanded its campuses in Fairfax and Manassas, Virginia, CSG has overseen the building envelope waterproofing for additions to the Fenwick Library on the main Fairfax campus. On the Manassas campus, we have critiqued the design drawings, conducted moisture surveys and roof inspections, and observed the copper-panel cladding to the exterior of the Hylton Performing Arts Center. We are currently consulting on the design and construction of a new academic building in Fairfax.

George Mason University George Mason University

Wisconsin - Two Tower Condominium North Bethesda

Two-Tower Condominium in North Bethesda, Maryland

This condominium has been a client since the two-tower complex was built in North Bethesda, Maryland, in 1985. We have twice rehabilitated the brick façade in the normal course of its maintenance, first in the late 1990s and again in 2010. That work involved repairing and rehabilitating the masonry and replacing sealants, as well as the coatings on the concrete balconies.

We have also rehabilitated the separate garage structure, which involved evaluating the scope of deterioration, designing and bidding the repair specifications, and contractor selection. The process was similar when we tested and replaced the roofs on both towers, a more cost-effective solution than paying to fix recurring leaks.

Our most recent project involved garage roofs, where tennis courts and large planters are now located. We are in the design phase of removing the courts, repairing structural damage to the roof, and rebuilding the surface. The new roof will feature a tennis court, exercise area, barbecue space, and a pergola cover for dining.

Luxury High-Rise Condominium

This 20-year old, 15-story condo was in need of extensive renovation due to leaking penthouse units, failing structural systems that caused the brick façade to bulge outward, and crumbling concrete balconies.

CSG was hired to replace the roof and its underlying systems to prevent further water infiltration. We designed structural modifications and repairs to stabilize and restore the façade, repaired the deteriorating concrete balconies, installed coatings to protect them from exposure, and replaced loose aluminum railings.

Luxury Highrise

Founders Square

Founders Square

CSG provided waterproofing consulting to the architectural team during the construction of this new office and residential complex in Arlington, Virginia. We were responsible for securely waterproofing every structure, from below grade to rooftop. 

Suburban Office

The owner of this office-building campus in Northern Virginia asked us to come in post-construction to inspect the parking garage, roofing systems, balconies, and façades, ensuring they were performing according to contract.

The inspection revealed failures in a flat roof that made it vulnerable to severe wind damage and construction deficiencies in the façades. Other remedial work included foundation wall leaks and concrete damage on the garage stair towers. In response, we developed a scope of remediation, managed the competitive bidding process, and provided technical and project management services throughout the rehabilitation.

Suburban Office

Food Warehouse

Food Storage Warehouse in Jessup, Maryland

When this enormous storage facility in Jessup, Maryland, was sold, the new owners asked us to inspect the acres of flat roofing that cover the warehouse's 12 bays. We recommended a non-destructive infrared scan to determine where and how much water damage has occurred underneath the roof surface. The scan revealed that only 25 percent of the underlayers were compromised, and the remaining three quarters could be preserved during the subsequent roof replacement. This option provided a significant cost savings for a facility of this size.

Suburban Office Park

This multi-building complex in Bethesda, Maryland, is more than 30 years old and was due for extensive renovation. We oversaw new waterproofing, roof replacements, parking-garage restoration, and the rehabilitation of the asphalt deficiencieson the surface parking lots. In each case, we identified the problems, established the repair scope for a competitive bid process, supervised the contractors' work, and inspected the final results. 

Suburban Office Park

Stafford Hospital

Stafford Hospital Center

We performed design drawing reviews for the expansion of two medical buildings and the construction of a medical office building on this campus in Stafford, Virginia. We conducted moisture proofing and building envelope final inspections at the conclusion of the work.

University of Delaware

CSG provided waterproofing and quality-assurance consulting on several buildings across this university campus in Newark, Delaware, including academic buildings, residence and dining halls, power plant, and the expansion of the Bob Carpenter Athletic Complex. We provided design-review services for each project and conducted regular inspections during construction to ensure the façade materials were installed and integrated in accordance with the contract documents.

University of Delaware

Willard Hotel

Hotel Renovations & Restoration

Our firm has provided consulting engineering and project management services on a variety of hotel properties.  We have restored brick masonry, glazing, concrete, and EIFS facade systems, replaced numerous roof systems, and restored deteriorated concrete parking garage structures.  We have managed the replacement of the HVAC systems, life safety and elevator upgrades.  We have resolved high humidity issues in guest rooms.  Our team creates value with a thorough understanding of the structural requirements in combination with the budgetary considerations, scheduling, and asthetic needs of the facility.